About Us

The purpose of the Solano COAD is to be a coalition of agencies and organizations fostering more effective coordination of emergency response and recovery services among its partner organizations and recruiting others to participate in an integrated plan that will ensure an effective and sustainable organization.

• SCOAD Bylaws

SCOAD primary goals include: 

  • Increase communication and coordination among disaster response/recovery organizations before and after a disaster. 
  • Eliminate duplication of efforts among responding agencies and maximize service delivery. Recruit agencies who can commit to collaborate in providing disaster services and resources. Increase cross-agency disaster response & recovery planning.
  • Enhance communication & coordination among private sector, non-profit & community based organizations, the faith community, and government agencies serving human and animal needs following a disaster. 
  • Participate with partner agencies in promoting individual and organizational disaster preparedness and providing a forum for information exchange and trainings.
  • Address the unmet needs of those affected by a disaster. 
  • Long-term cooperation, coordination,  communication, and collaboration of recovery operations following a disaster in Solano County.
Solano COAD is not a fundraising organization. If you would like to donate to the Solano Disaster Relief Fund, click on image.

Partners of Solano coad